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Jason Medina

Jason has been tattooing for over 15 years and is also the co-owner of dedicated tattoo. His passion and talent for tattooing precedes him with many publications to show for as well as being an award winning tattoo artist himself. Jason specialized in American traditional artwork as well Japanese inspired style. When Jason isn’t providing great art for his clients he enjoys spending time with his family, painting, going fishing and training Jiu Jitsu. 

Tattoo Specialties

Jason has been tattooing for over fifteen years and can design anything you’d like. He specializes however, in three specific areas.Jason’s main practice includes American traditional, Japanese Inspired, and Areola re-pigmentation tattooing.

japanese tattoo temecula CA


By far the most common request for Jason is of American traditional style. Jason has honed this craft with thousands of American traditional tattoo pieces. To view some of Jason’s gallery and to learn more of how his American traditional practice sets him apart click below to learn more

american traditional tattoo temecula CA


Japanese tattooing has a history of stunning colors and designs that have evolved over the centuries. Many in the Temecula are go to Jason as their sole trusted artist for Japanese style ink. You can check out a whole catalog of Japanese style art pieces that Jason has done by clicking below.



For those who have suffered the tragedy of breast cancer and received a mastectomy there are remedies to having the look of your natural breasts again. After receiving a breast augmentation areola re-pigmentation can help to the appearance of a natural beast and also cover scaring. 

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Everyone Is Stoked With Medina Tattoo

I have gone to Jason for 10 years! Not only does he do amazing work and take pride in it! He is a kind person that makes your tattoo appointment very comfortable. I highly reccomed him! Check out all his social media pages and you will not be disappointed.
Ashley Gorman
Temecula, CA
Jason is a awesome artist who does some phenomenal work. If you like very vibrant colors he is the man to see. I have multiple tattoos done by different artist, but I get the most compliments on the pieces he has done. Shop atmosphere is very laid back, Friendly, clean and very professional. Can’t go wrong getting tattooed here... Highly recommend checking him out, especially if you are a first timer
Andrew Catalano
Temecula, CA
Been going to Jason for years. A lot of times tattoo shops have a certain energy about them, sometimes you're afraid to ask for changes, or don't feel comfortable the whole time you are there. This place does not bring any of those negative things. Amazing work, great conversation, great atmosphere.
Stephen Espinosa
Temecula, CA

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